30-60 min. By Appointment

Your Voyage begins here! 

Let's chat! Aren't sure where to start? Contact Coach Amy so you can set up a time to discuss all your options, your first consultation is FREE!  This Consultation includes a fit assessment, body measurements, flexibility test as well as a thorough discussion about your health, your goals and the plan to reach them. To begin the consultation process REGISTER TODAY! 


Personal Training

1 hour By Appointment

One on one training is by far the best way to achieve your own specific goals.

Whether your goals are weight loss, gaining lean muscle, competitive sports, rehabbing injuries or simply trying to maintain, Amy will design a program just for you. When necessary, she will modify movements that pose any concerns to ensure your safety.

Through Coach Amy's expert knowledge of strength and conditioning plus nutritional guidance and support, you will be well on your way to the new you!

Private Small Group Training

1 hour By Appointment

Small Group training is offered as a way for you to save money while training with some friends! There's no better motivation than that of working out with a partner. Coach Amy understands the importance of small group training. Classes are between 2-6 people.

Don't have a partner but would like to train in small group? No worries, Coach Amy will find the right group for you!



Voyage Strength Studio will get you prepared for that obstacle course race you’ve always wanted to do.

Get started for less than $10 a class!

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Online Training

What is Online Training?

Online Training brings the convenience of having a personal trainer at your finger tips. No matter if you are training at home or a gym. Coach Amy understands how busy your life is and will develop a personalized program just for you! Once your program has been created, it will be delivered right to your Training App! Where you will be able to access videos, instant message your trainer, track your nutrition and log your workouts. 

Online Training takes the guess work out of your workout!

Nutrition Counseling Available!


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